Pisco Alegre Acholado 
Is a premium pisco handcrafted at the oldest distillery in the Americas, Hacienda La Caravedo, established in 1684 in Ica, Peru. It is a smooth, delicate acholado, or blend, of estate-grown grapes, carefully crafted by Master Distiller Johnny Schuler as a traditional, non-mosto verde blend. His artistry and deep experience create a unique blend that is versatile, mixable, and pairs well with a variety of flavors. Pisco Alegre Acholado embraces the distinctive, bold spirit of Peru. SALUD!

Visual: Crystal clear with medium viscosity.
Nose: Clean, well balanced. Crisp, with aromas of toffee, berries, vanilla and raisins.
Taste: Very structured, round and pleasing. Complex with notes of citrus, herbs and orange blossoms along with impressions of hay and bananas with hints of chocolate.
Finish: Smooth, silky and very long.

86 Proof